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About ProSpot Fusion

Harness the power of fusion with ProSpot’s Fusion HG line of strength-training equipment. Never before have so many features, combined with cutting-edge styling, been brought together in a home gym. Everything you want and need to get in the best shape of your life is right at your fingertips.

The driving force behind Fusion equipment is ProSpot Fitness Grab & Go® technology, providing instant and automatic locking of the barbell. An embedded touch sensor in the barbell controls the locking and unlocking mechanisms. To unlock the barbell for use, simply ‘Grab’ it and lift one inch to release, then ‘Go’ with your workout. Maintaining finger contact with the touch sensor on the barbell keeps the barbell unlocked and completely under your control. Opening one or both hands instantly locks the barbell at the point of release.

An outstanding feature of the Fusion line is its cutting-edge appearance. Unique V-frame design, sapphire-blue ambient lighting and smoky, semi-transparent flat-panel front is truly eye-catching. From brushed aluminum lettering, embossed end caps, decorative cut outs, mesh side panels and clear coat finish to the bench’s matching sapphire-blue logo embroidering and contoured bench, nothing has been overlooked.
There is even an optional premium media/entertainment center attractively housed in the flat-panel front. This is one piece of fitness
equipment you’ll be proud to display in your home!